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Thanks to all of our presenters and attendees for making 2016's summit a great success.

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What is the JuST Faith Summit?

Children are being bought and sold for sex every night—in America. We, the church, have a mighty role in addressing and stopping this tragedy, if we are ready and willing. Join us for three days of inspiring speakers and workshops to gain practical knowledge on how to address trafficking in your community. The JuST Faith Summit draws on the success and leadership of Shared Hope International’s annual JuST Conference to bring learning and action to the faith community. Learn from survivors, law enforcement, prosecutors, recovery ministries, and experienced restoration home providers about the critical need to engage the church in this battle.

Shared Hope

Shared Hope International is an anti-trafficking organization that provides leadership in awareness, training, prevention strategies, restorative care, research, and policy initiatives. Shared Hope hosts the JuST Conference—the premiere conference on juvenile sex trafficking—in Washington, D.C. each year, drawing hundreds of national experts, leaders, professionals, and advocates.

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Break the Silence

2016 FeaturedMichael W. Smith

Three-time Grammy Award Winning Christian Singer/Songwriter

Speakers at the 2016 JuST Faith Summit

Linda Smith
Founder and President, Shared Hope International
Joel Hunter
Senior Pastor, Northland, A Church Distributed
Ted Roberts
Senior Pastor, Author
Bishop Harry Jackson
Presiding Bishop, International Communion of Evangelical Churches
Bonnie Martin
Psychotherapist, Educator, Consultant
John Cotton Richmond
Human Trafficking Prosecutor
Brooke Bello
CEO & Executive Director, More Too Life
Rebecca Bender
Founder and Director, Rebecca Bender Ministries, Survivor Leader
  • Joel Hunter
  • Linda Smith
  • Brianna Myers
  • John Chapman
  • Dan Sartor
  • William Struthers
  • Opal Singleton
  • Boz Tchividjian
  • Nick Cienski
  • Connie Rose
  • Abi Mills
  • John Cotton Richmond
  • Lisa Thompson
  • Bishop Harry Jackson
  • Christian Lenty
  • Jen Spry
  • Shamere McKenzie
  • Brook Bello
  • Marian Hatcher
  • Lexie Smith
  • Toni McKinley
  • Gretchen Kerr
  • Alicia McDowell
  • Rebecca Bender
  • Bonnie Martin
  • Melissa Snow
  • Nick Lembo
  • Erik Bauer
  • Robert Lung
  • Joshua DuBois
  • Jerome Elam
  • Anna Smith
  • Samantha Collins
  • Mike Neely
  • Erik Bauer
  • Elizabeth Scaife
  • Dotti Groover-Skipper
  • Nick Stumbo
  • Mary Frances Bowley
  • Emily Fitchpatrick
  • Natasha Nascimento
  • Ted Roberts
  • Vince DeVivo
  • Eliza Reock

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Why Should You Attend the JuST Faith Summit?

Be Equipped

You want to help but don’t know where to start. We do. Join us to learn practical tools for getting started and finding a dynamic and sustainable way to leverage your community’s resources to tackle trafficking.

Be Connected

There is a committed, dedicated team across the nation making meaningful strides in the fight against sex trafficking. We want you to meet them. Learn from others and share resources to make the biggest impact possible.

Be Inspired

Hear amazing stories of freedom, restoration, and change. We are launching a movement within the church to face the overlooked and ignored issue of sexual perversion and abuse and want you to be a part of it.

Uniting for Change

A national epidemic has been ignored for too long, a dark addiction fueled by instant access to pornography, spawning a commercial sex industry that is consuming our children. And everyone pays the price—the child whose innocence is stolen, the man who can’t overcome his addiction, and the society that bears the loss of both. Our world has been helpless to stop the tide because we, the church, have remained silent. Frozen in fear, in ignorance, in disillusion. But, together in our many faiths, we have the power to push away the darkness. Join us.

What People Are Saying About Shared Hope’s Annual JuST Conference

“I found the conference as a whole to be informative, inspiring, and emotional. I look forward to applying knowledge learned here in my continued efforts to provide services to youth involved in human trafficking.”

“I learned a great deal and was able to network with more people than I imagined. This was an incredible conference which I was extremely impressed by. Everyone was great and the passion for our cause was felt in every one. Excellent! Thank you!”

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